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Portfolio - Infominez


Incident Management System

Incident Management System

IMS is an ATM Monitoring System through which users interact and help resolve problems/issues that get logged at an ATM of various banks. Response from ATMs will be read by the Reader of respective bank’s atm and failed incident (message) will further forward to managements who can resolve it.

Academia ERP

Academia ERP

Application for Educational Institutes that will be backed up with an Independent Control panel server which will cater to minimal system requirement of an educational institute. System will be equipped with a native mobile application which will serve as student login and an application wrapper for web UI which will be an admin control panel for Admin and Faculty users.


Lead Management System

Marketing acquires, evaluates, nurtures and hands off leads to the sales team. Lead conversion flow from open to success across the institute helps the sales and call center team & parking to other stakeholders. Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and sales efficiency.

Punchcard App 1

PunchCard App

Time tracking application. Having geofence capability, for mobile employees that allows them to punch in and out from their devices. Automates tedious manual time tracking process.

NR Collecties 2


E-commerce site for selling Indian traditional jewelleries, bags, dresses and Decoration items. NRCollecties is an on the go Indian fashion store developed on Magento. Shop for clothing, bags, accessories and decoration products. Find all fashion brands and collections at the click of a button.

Rack Bank 1


Ecommerce site for server hosting. Configuration server and payment & Trial version

Black Marchant Mobile App

Black Merchant

This application has been developed considering the disadvantages of manually handling and managing over 1200 clients and their queries. It requires one time registration and email ID setup (email once registered will not be changed). The main advantage of this application is sending the Queries on one click to the Manager which will then be processed and resolved.

Cake Affiliate Tracking

Cake-Affiliate Tracking

Helped our client for tracking affiliates, analyzing and understanding results in one window via Cake platform.

Ross Brothers 1

Ross Brothers

Complete residential and commercial construction app. Pre-designed remodeling packages.

City Stall 1


Helps to get unique and limited promotions at the places you love to eat, drink and party in but also creates a sense of social community through event shares and check ins with your circle of friends.Admin panel from where Hotel management updates their details, promotions, etc.



Used to maintain records of pet animals. Add pictures of your pet and other details. Track lost and found animals records.


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